Be Where Your Customers Are
Be Where Your Customers Are
November 30, 2016


Your BRAND is a pinky promise to your customers, that tells them that your product and service will consistently meet their expectations every time they interact with your company. And your BRAND starts with you, and continues through everyone in your company. Everyone must understand and believe in your brand promise throughout your company. Why would customers believe in your pinky promise if you or your own employees don’t? The Branding Promise, objectives and elements should be established from the top executive, the owner. However, this is not to say that the entire team shouldn’t contribute in some way. Some of the best ideas may come from those who have direct contact with the customers on a day to day basis. So please encourage new ideas from your Brand Champions on the front lines and even reward their contributions. You should have a Branding Coach, that is, someone in charge of the branding for your company. It could be the owner of the company, or an assigned employee, But, at the end of the day, ALL employees should learn and implement your brand objectives. They are responsible for increasing your brand equity, both internally and externally, and ensure that your brand is protected against naysayers and the competition. They become Champions of Your Brand. It doesn’t matter if you are a sole proprietor, or a small business with a few employees; Brand Champions are just as crucial to your business, as they are with larger companies.


  • Become the "cheerleader" of your Brand by encouraging other employees, customers, and external audiences to believe in the brand, too.
  • Be sure your actions should are authentic and heartfelt.
  • Understand who your customers are…and anticipate their needs.
  • View your Brand through your customer's eyes to ensure business decisions fit the Brand promise and the customer’s perceptions of the brand.
  • Be aware and watching for any kind of problem relating to the Brand to arise, and be prepared to address it.


The owner of the company must lead the charge, but it takes everyone involved in order for there to be real, positive results. It is the job of the Brand Coach to educate everyone within the company. The Brand Coach is responsible to make sure that both internal and external audiences understand the brand, and it’s promise. This person makes sure that the goals of your business align with the brand promise. Furthermore, they will insure that everyone within the organization is operating on the same page as it relates to building brand equity. The Brand Champions should insure that the brand promise is integrated into all parts of the company. They should be the living embodiment of the brand promise, basically live and breathe the brand. The Brand Coach must spearhead strategic and tactical planning to maintain the brand’s relevancy and leverage growth opportunities for the long term.
SPECIAL NOTE TO SOLE PROPRIETORS: We know that if you are the only person in your company, you are already used to wearing all the hats of your organization. But in this case, literally, if you don’t become your own Brand Champion, no one else will. So it’s up to you to lead the charge. It is important for you to begin crafting your brand so that you can explain it to others. Even if you don’t have employees yet, you will be able to recruit other Brand Champions from your family and friends. And most notably you can create Brand Champions from your customer base, as well. Becoming a Brand Champion starts with YOU.
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Tammy Fink

Award-Winning Freelance Graphic Designer,
Blue Water Designs & Supply Co.