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November 30, 2016
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November 30, 2016

Solve Your Customers' Problems Before They Have Them

Use Customer Education to create Customer Retention and more

I'm sure that you’ve heard that "education can go a long way." But have you considered education as an option when trying to grow your brand? Now, stay with me here for a minute, because this may take you thinking outside of the box. And, perhaps if you are a consultant, or a fitness instructor, or own some other naturally occurring teaching business, this might come easier for you. Educating your ideal customer, or potential customer is an excellent way to achieve a couple of amazing things for your business. It could do any or all of the following:
  • Raise Brand Awareness
  • Elevate You As An Expert In Your Field
  • Add A Level Of Credibility To Your Business Above That Of Your Competition
  • Allow You To ‘Get To Know’ Segments Customers

Take a look at this video it's a great real-life example of how to use your expertise to further customer education about not only your business but about how you can anticipate your customer's problems beforehand and solve them through education.

Posted by Tammy Fink creator of the Brand Champion Academy


What do your customers want to know?

Is there a way that you can encourage your customers to learn more about your product? Workshops are a great way for your customers to interact with your brand.

EXAMPLE: A car shop might give a “Hands On Car Care Workshop for WOMEN”. You could even invite local women’s organizations to participate in this general car maintenance education opportunity. Make it fun. Make it special. Maybe even wine and cheese. And it doesnt have to be FREE…most people will be happy to pay a nominal fee if they truly learn something. And if you add perceived value, such as the wine and cheese…be sure and include it in your advertising of the event. You can meet the needs of a select group within your customer base while establishing yourself as an expert in your field and promoting your brand. It’s a WIN-WIN situation for sure. Solve a problem for your customers, don’t just tell them what you think they want to know. Perhaps you can address an issue that comes up time and time again for your clients.
  My personal experience is that I had redesigned many, many logos for clients. So we developed an educational program for small business owners who want to learn to develop a creative brief before they either create their own logo or have someone do it for them, that includes color theory, font selection, branding concepts, and many resources. The Legendary Logo Bootcamp allows you to begin developing the visual components of your brand, even if you don’t have a creative bone in your body.

Raising Brand Awareness

Brand awareness if the ability of your brand to be readily recognized within your community or customer group. More easily stated…it’s how you "get your name out there.” Your brand includes not only your name but how your customers perceive your product or service. By teaching something that relates to your business in a way that empowers your customer, you are ensuring that your customer will benefit from the experience, and will be more likely to tell other people about your brand. You will have formed a bond with them, and people share what they like. 

Sharing Your Expertise

Sharing the expertise of your company will help to establish you…well, as the expert. This can make you the ‘go-to’ person for not only a particular topic but will extend to other needs of your customers. It not only helps your customer, but it helps you to engrain and expand what you already know about your business. Nothing helps deepen knowledge as effectively as creating the opportunity to share it. Be prepared to discuss the ‘how’ part of your class. I know this sounds simple enough, but it does take some practice. Don’t believe me? Try to explain to someone how to tie a shoe. Prepare, and practice…it does get easier each time you do it.

If It Was Easy…Everyone Would Do It.

Chances are that your competition hasn’t even thought of doing this yet. So that puts you a step ahead of them, so it doesn’t matter if they have been in business a decade longer than you. If done right, it levels the playing field.
Know your subject matter, and if you don’t know it…find someone else who does. It’s okay to bring in a ‘teacher’ to expand your customer’s knowledge. It will still give you the credit of knowing ‘who’ can answer their questions, and solve their problems.

Get To Know Your Customers

Sharing your particular expertise means inviting a new conversation between you, your customers and possibly, even your staff. If you keep your eyes, ears, and mind open, you may learn a little something about your customers in the process, as well.
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