Are you the Champion of Your Brand?

When you start a business, you are probably aware that you need a business name, a logo, and probably business cards. And do you know which domain name are you going to use? You may be thinking of talking to a graphic designer about building you a website or help with a social media presence. But before all that, there could be an important step that you are missing. And yes, it could make all the difference. It's your branding, either corporate or personal branding. Branding is what makes you different from your competition, and gives you an edge that is unique to you. Your brand is one part who you are, one part who you want to be known as, and finally one part how people think of you. So, what is a Brand Champion? And how do you become one within your market or niche? A brand champion is someone who understands your company brand and is willing to go the extra mile to keep your brand consistent. So, as a business owner or entrepreneur where do you start...let's start with a pinky promise.

What is a Pinky Promise...

Remember when life was simpler, and you and your best friend sat under that big tree in the front yard. And made heartfelt, lifelong pledges to each other, sealed as a "pinky promise". You might have even crossed your heart. Well, your BRAND is a pinky promise to your customers, that tells them that your product and service will consistently meet their expectations every time they interact with your company.

& why your business needs ONE.

Your BRAND starts with you, and it is your job to become your own Brand Champion. That means you are responsible for increasing and maintaining your brand equity. Once you have established your pinky promise for your brand, it is then your responsibility to make sure that all touch points with your customers and even employees reflect your promise. Visual branding starts with your visual components, such as your logo, website, brochures, business cards, and much more. And that is continued into your cross your heart Branding, which is ultimately created by your customer's experience with your company.

You don't have to do it alone...

If you own your own business or want to own your own business, this is the place is for you. Yes, you! Finally, you can have other entrepreneurs and business people to talk to, about... well, business. It's our Pinky Promise to you, that at the Brand Champion Academy you can get answers to questions, and advice on tough issues like marketing, social media, and branding. Here, we will provide tools, tricks, tips, and resources to help you get organized, focused and inspired to help you create the brand you love and deserve. At the Brand Champion, we are here to help you live the dream! Be sure and join our FREE FACEBOOK GROUP for details on events, happenings, and weekly tips to help you to become Your Own Brand Champion.